I teach occupational therapy professionals how to maximize the use of the horses in their practice so that they can help their clients make amazing progress while making money in their dream career.

Once you know the Foundations- you need OT specific support!

Don't wait to get the support you need to get your career with horses started. Making the transition from learning about hippotherapy to advertising your OT services using horses, finding clients, marketing your niche, supporting fieldwork students and creating systems that support your practice incorporating horses can be a frustrating and long process. It doesn't have to be: from 1:1 business coaching to group business support or fieldwork educator mentoring- you can get your OT support here.

Hi, I’m gina taylor, OT.

I am an avid nature lover and have been incorporating horses into my OT practice since graduating OT school.

I knew that the four walls of a school room or outpatient clinic were not for me! My undergraduate degree is in Equine Studies and my Masters is in Occuptaional Therapy. It's the perfect background for using horses in therapy. I have been involved with PATH and AHA throughout my career. I serve on the American HIppotherapy Association faculty and have taught hippotherapy across the US and around the world. Now I am teaching Occupational Therapy Professionals how to get outside and start amazing practices that benefit their clients, light them up and pay the bills too!