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This bundle is the ultimate support for students of occupational therapy who want to include horses in your future career! Learn about horses, hippotherapy and how OT practitioners can work with horses in Horses on the Horizon. hOTh is an online student club with information about hippotherapy, OT's working with horses and monthly OT spotlights and discussion topics. The Advanced Study Group will get you live support every month! Case studies, horse analysis, fieldwork support and more. Through the OT Student Bundle you will be in control of your career from education to graduation.

Students are the best!

When you are in the student role, you are in learning mode! There is no better time to learn about hippotherapy as a treatment tool. Live monthly calls help to guide you thinking and are available by recording for those busy times when you cannot make the call. As an Adjunct Professor- I am in the educator/learner relationship and work to support OT and OTA students in realizing their career goals incorporating horses.

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